About KPHC

Acknowledging our main asset, the human capital, we strive to handpick our associates who share the same willingness, business ethics, attentiveness to details and quality, which are the fundamentals of our corporate values.

Flagged as a reliable Public Health provider, Kuwait Public Health Company relishes its leading position in the industry; proven by a steadily growing broaden presence, KPHC adopts a diversified vision, leading to offer full protection solutions in the province of Public Health, excelling in Food Hygiene Training, ISO22000/HACCP Consulting, Professional Disinfecting, Pest Management and Environmental Pollution Control.

KPHC applies a holistic scientific methodology in provided services and considers Social – Environmental aspects when conducting its business; KPHC demonstrates and maintains high level of proficiency, positioning it as a reliable partner to major international alliances.

With solidified knowledge, KPHC continually expands its capabilities to meet the needs of its clients; delivering superior quality services that exceed expectations.

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