The best way to ensure that a food business produces food that is safe to consume is by implementing a Food Safety Management System that identifies and evaluates all the potential hazards, subsequently, adopts procedures and practices to prevent, eliminate or reduce the risk of those hazards to an acceptable level.

KPHC provides distinguished consultancy services in:

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

HACCP is a science based systematic preventative approach leading to a robust Food Safety Management System. HACCP principles facilitates identifying specific hazards and provides measures to control biological, chemical and physical hazards that can be applied throughout the food chain from the primary producer to the consumer.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is an internationally recognized standard designed systematically to ensure food safety and demonstrate ongoing commitment to Food Safety Management System, prove integrity and enhance consumer confidence. The standard generally combines recognized key elements such as interactive communication, system management, pre-requisite programs and HACCP principles.

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